by kattiewampus

Warning: I’m going on a kick of publishing drafts that I never finished.

I have published 94 posts on this blog (95 if you include this one), since I started it back in July 2012.

Ironically, I currently have 59 unfinished posts sitting in my drafts folder.

Recently, I was looking through my drafts and I rather liked some of the things that I had written. Some of the drafts were even completely finished posts that I apparently just didn’t get around to publishing at the time, for one reason or another. The advantage of going back and publishing an old post like that is that the context of the old post is now in the past. Sharing the post now is about remembering where I was at in life back then, rather than making a commentary about something that was currently happening.

Plus, I’m just feeling terribly sentimental right now and this seems like a cathartic way to deal with my saudade.

That being said, I have at least 5 drafts scheduled to publish over this coming week. So when you start seeing a little qualifier in italics at the beginning of each post, marking when the draft was actually written, and you notice that the content seems enormously incongruous with the present tense — that’s why.