Plot twist! (sort of)

by kattiewampus

Grad School

“Welcome to the School of Education and Counseling Psychology! We are pleased to inform you that you have been granted admission . . .”


Remember when I announced that I was applying to a master’s program in music & human learning at UT Austin?

Well, I pulled a classic Kattiewampus.

See, other people are smart and like to keep major life decisions to themselves, at least until said decisions become realities. I, however, like to keep the world updated with my latest ideas, even if it means being judged for my inability to stick with one path when it comes to planning out my future.

I call this “Operation Knock On All the Doors.”

Or maybe, “Operation Kick Down the Door” (Munchkin, anyone? …Anyone?)

Back in the summer, it hit me: as an employee of an institution of higher education, I have the incredible option of pursuing a degree at said institution and having my tuition waived. So, then I had to ask myself, why am I not taking advantage of this incredible option while I’m here? And I considered how I’ve always gone back and forth between whether I should pursue music or psychology as a career. And how, in my free time, I’d rather read articles and books about psychology, and think about things related to psychology, and have discussions about psychology, and write papers about psychology. And how I feel called to help people who are hurting, whether that is through music or counseling. And how much of a positive influence my therapist has been in my life, and the conviction that if I could have that kind of positive impact in even one other person’s life, then I would be doing something worthwhile.

The fact that my therapist was incredibly supportive and told me I would be a fantastic counselor really affirmed my decision to pursue this. After all, if anyone has insight into my craziest and darkest times, it’s probably her. So, the fact that her reaction was immensely positive made a huge difference in my level of confidence moving forward with this.

And since the institution at where I work happens to offer a master’s in counseling psych (and incidentally does not offer any sort of master’s in music), it suddenly became clear to me. This is the next step. So I applied (after the application deadline – oops). Got wait-listed for the program. And then got my official acceptance letter this morning.

I’m so excited, I can hardly breathe!