“You’re like Schrödinger’s cat!”

by kattiewampus

A colleague’s conclusion about me, after discovering that I could often be found at two different desks on two different floors in the building.

He started out by comparing me to a particle in quantum mechanics.

The scary part is that, as he was unraveling his analogy, I was thinking to myself, “Yeah, totally… you’re making me sound just like Schrödinger’s cat.” And then he hit upon that conclusion himself. Does that make me super nerdy?

Unrelated: have you ever had those cringe-worthy moments at work when you forward an e-mail from an outside person to Someone Who Knows The Answer because you don’t know what to do with it, and in your message to Someone Who Knows, you write something brief and informal like “I don’t know what to tell him…” and then Someone Who Knows REPLIES ALL to the forwarded message  and leaves the entire message thread in there so that the original sender can totally read how brusquely you passed off his message to someone else?

People! Please learn some e-mail etiquette!

Speaking of e-mail etiquette, I’m never sending a casual e-mail again. Next time I have to forward something like this, it will be all “Dear Someone Who Knows: please see the forwarded message below from Mr. So-and-So regarding the Such-and-Such. I was not sure what to tell him; would you please enlighten us both? Thank you! Warm regards, Kattiewampus.”

BAM. Talk about professional.

Schrödinger and me… we know how to keep it real.