Two chairs and no serial killers

by kattiewampus

Sometimes all it takes for me to feel successful is to make it home in one piece.

For instance, today I did NOT get murdered by serial killers.

Context: I bought two chairs from two different sellers on Craigslist. I picked up both chairs on my way home from work this evening.

Not only did neither of the persons selling the chairs turn out to be serial killers (always a win, especially when you’re Craigslist shopping), but both happened to be very friendly and personable.

It’s a little unnerving because so far all of my experiences with Craigslist have been alarmingly positive. I’m afraid I may be developing an unrealistically rosy view of the site’s merits.

Or I just have a really good eye for great deals from nice people.

Anyway, I’m feeling really pleased with myself because I’ve been wanting chairs: a chair for the upstairs spare room that I’ve been redecorating (and lovingly referring to as the “Spare Oom” in honor of Mr. Tumnus), and a chair for my cubicle at work. I have a desk chair at work, but I wanted an additional chair because people are constantly coming in to my cubicle to talk with me and there is no convenient place for them to sit. I’m on a mission to make my cubicle into a warm, pleasant, inviting space; some additional seating seemed absolutely necessary toward this end.

So, as I was saying, I’m feeling really pleased with myself because I’ve had these specific goals for chairs and I went out, found what I wanted, got it, and then brought it home. And I only spent $125 in total.

In our house, we refer to this sort of accomplishment as “hunting it down and killing it.”

Can I just say this post is sounding unintentionally morbid?

Anyway, here are my trophies from today’s adventures:

photo 1(3)

The latest addition to Spare Oom. The lighting is wacky, but the chair really is cute, I promise!

photo 2(3)

The chair that is going to my cubicle. The blue accent pillow next to it actually came with the other chair, but I’m going to use it to add a little bit of color to this one.

Lucy has already made herself at home, which bodes well for the chair in terms of its ability to communicate hospitality to any cubicle visitors.

 Furthermore, this business of searching for chairs on Craigslist has given me a new idea to explore: learning how to reupholster old chairs. THAT could be really fun!

All in all, it’s been a very successful day.