Muggle the Puggle: Puppy love edition

by kattiewampus

Although I am a hard-core cat-lover (one word: Sasquatch) and have aspirations of being a crazy cat lady if nothing else pans out, I do find myself experiencing regular bouts of puppy fever. I want a canine companion who will go running walking with me. A bundle of unconditional, unquestioning, ever-forgiving love and devotion whose entire world revolves around me.

Not that I’m narcissistic or anything.

I just want a puppy.

In fact, I want THIS puppy:


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

“This popular toy breed loves people, whether that involves sitting on laps or going for long walks. The Cavalier is happy, trusting and easygoing, making friends everywhere he goes. Although he can be stubborn, he generally responds well to positive reinforcement and tends to be adaptable enough to sit quietly with an older person, then turn around and play with an active child.”

I know, I know. Now you want one too.

The other day, I was clicking through a slideshow of the top dog breeds for new owners. That was a mistake. It made my puppy fever flare up, which then led to browsing animal rescue sites, which was also a mistake.

Because now I want all the dogs.

It was especially unfortunate because, in looking at that slideshow, I discovered this specimen:


It’s what happens when a beagle and a pug get very creative.

And now I want one.

The Puggle

“The Puggle can be a robust little dog with the adventurous yet quieter spirit of a Beagle and the clever antics of a Pug. The best Puggles love to please and have a sense of humor, but, as with all designer mixes, his traits are not fixed, so he has been known to be a bit stubborn, distractible and not overtly affectionate.”


I NEED THIS DOG IN MY LIFE. I shall call him “Muggle the Puggle” because it’s fun to say (and I’m a Harry Potter nerd), and we shall live happily ever after.

That is all.

But then, as I continued clicking through the list, I came to the dog that wins over all other dogs. The one that I must, on principle, always choose.





Two Shelties in Grass


Shetland Sheepdog

“Don’t call him a little Collie! The Shetland Sheepdog is his own breed and has long been a family favorite for his happy face and loyal, smart and quirky personality. He learns tricks with ease and loves to show off, which, paired with his speed, makes him a great agility dog. Beware, though: The Sheltie is a barker, and don’t be surprised to find him herding other members of the family — both animal and human.”

So, I grew up with a Sheltie. Her name was Heidi. She fit pretty much all Sheltie stereotypes and perpetuated the Sheltie reputation for pure awesomeness.

Consequently, I am profoundly, unquestioningly, and indiscriminately biased in favor of all Shelties and would love to have another one some day.

Along with Muggle the Puggle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that I’m thinking about naming “Gatsby.”

Also, this is entirely unrelated but I thought it was hilarious: Hello Kitty is not a kitty.

You’re welcome.

Also, I just wrote an entire blog post about puppies. It’s time to do some soul-searching again.