Segues are not my forte

by kattiewampus

Dear everyone: thank you so much for your kind responses to my last post. I had many reservations about actually publishing it, but your receptivity has been overwhelmingly validating. Thank you.

I now have no idea how to move forward with blogging because I don’t know what should follow that post. More candid sharing? Something silly? A random photo series? Nothing feels right. So, for my segue post, here is a dance:


This is another favorite from Dancing With the Stars. I have mixed feelings about this song. I find it catchy, but when I pay attention to the lyrics, I’m like, “Eh… hmm. Huh. Interesting. So what exactly is he getting at?”

But the way the dancers interpreted the song really touched me, because – if you haven’t already figured it out by now – I’m all about people overcoming obstacles to be together. Plus, I see several possible interpretations in the choreography, all of which are interesting to me, and I love it when there are layers of meaning in art.