Let’s get this ball rolling

by kattiewampus

Well, guys. It’s official. I just registered for the GRE.

I. Registered. For. The. G.R.E.

The Graduate Record Examination.

The crazy expensive, mindgames-galore test that is going to make me doubt everything I thought I knew about myself and my supposed intellect.

D-Day: September 20th. At 8 am.

That is, Eight O’Clock Ante-Meridian. As in, before the meridian. As in, before noon. As in, get there an hour early so I have time to get lost and then figure out where I’m supposed to be and get oriented and use the bathroom five(+) times. As in, 8 am = 7 am.

I didn’t really have a choice: it was the only time available on that date, and that date happened to be my best option. C’est la vie.

Test duration: 4 hours and 30 minutes.

Excuse me, I have to go throw up now. And then cry. And then throw up some more. And then cry some more.

Other grad school-related things that I have done today:

  • Contacted two potential references (fingers crossed – hopefully they still like me! Hopefully they still remember me…)
  • Figured out the transcript submission process
  • Investigated the auditing process at my community college for auditing music theory classes in the fall (to prep for my diagnostic entrance exams. Cue more tears & vomiting)
  • Started drafting an e-mail to the graduate admissions guru at UT Austin with some preliminary questions about the application process.

It’s on, grad school. It’s SO on.