I’VE BEEN UP SINCE 5:30 AM….!!!! :D :D :D

by kattiewampus


It is 10:38 am as I’m writing this and I feel GREAT!

I volunteered to help out with the law school graduation this morning, which meant getting here at 7 am. I have a pretty lousy commute during the week, but at 6:30 on a Saturday morning… man, I just flew down that freeway! I so wish I was a morning person. The early morning sunlight is gorgeous, and everything is so hushed… it’s glorious. The entire day is unfolding before you, and there’s this sense that you’re about to go out and conquer the world, or at least get a lot of stuff done.

Too bad I hate waking up early.

The morning has been busy: putting out programs on all of the chairs, pretending to be a law student during our “run-through,” helping the law grads with their attire, and now I’m camped out in the moot court room, guarding everyone’s stuff while the actual graduation happens. I definitely got the sweet end of this volunteering deal – hanging out by myself, indoors, for a few hours. The perfect time to catch up on blogging, or reading, or shows, or whatever. It’s pretty great. When the graduation is over, all the VIPs (judges, faculty, “dignitaries,” etc.) come back to the moot court room to return their borrowed robes, and I help receive their robes, hoods, and hats. This should be fun!

In the meantime, I’ve been watching YouTube videos of my favorite dances from Dancing With the Stars. I was a hardcore Meryl and Maks fan from the beginning, because Meryl is awesome and I basically just want to be her. She is an incredible dancer, she has incredible muscle definition, and she seems incredibly sweet. I love watching her dance because there is an aesthetic, graceful quality to her movements and her line that is inherently beautiful.

I think the moment when I really got hooked on Dancing With the Stars was when I watched Meryl and Maks’ dance during the week 3 “Best Year of My Life” dances. In fact, it was a particular moment in that dance: when Maks dips Meryl using just the crook of his arm. I don’t know why I was so mesmerized by it, but something about that two-second piece of choreography caught my attention and the image was fixed in my mind. That was also when I started to fall in love with the song “All of Me” by John Legend. Yeah, it’s totally over-played on the radio right now, but it nevertheless has become a top contender for my First Dance song, if I ever get married.

Anyway, you have to watch their dance. The moment that I’m talking about happens around 1:11 in the video below. It is exquisite. I get chills just thinking about it.

During the season finale, Meryl and Maks did a freestyle dance to the song “Latch” by Disclosure/Sam Smith. Again, I was mesmerized by it. I was mesmerized by their opening pose. I was mesmerized by Meryl’s effortless back-bend (1:00 in the video below), I was mesmerized by the way the choreography supported the lyrics (1:24-30, for example).

And I loved that Meryl dipped Maks (at 0:35) – it was like they were mirroring the choreography from week 3.

So, I thought this post was going to be a reflection on the bitter-sweetness of graduations and graduation season. But it was more fun to talk about Meryl and Maks, because their dances brought joy to my life over the past few months. Watching them dance inspires me the way true beauty is supposed to inspire us. It is amazing.