Geography lessons

by kattiewampus

I don’t even know how these things happen. I think it started when we were walking back from our Annual Friday Starbucks trip (JSWAC, Annual Friday = Weekly Friday in laymen’s terms. And ‘JSWAC’ = Just So We Are Clear… these are Faculty Support Office-isms. Totes normal.) and we somehow got into a discussion about geography. ‘We’ being my co-workers. I was a passive participant in this discussion because I’m terrible at geography. Next to math, it’s probably my weakest subject. We (they) were specifically talking about U.S. geography and this somehow turned into the idea that when we got back to the main office, we would print off blank diagrams of the U.S. and have a contest to see who could label the most states correctly.

I was not a fan of this idea. But I’ve also recently resolved to be more lighthearted and less stick-in-the-mud-ish, as well as to embrace the reality that I don’t know everything, so far be it from me to be the odd man out.

This is the map we used:


One of my co-workers actually got a perfect score.

I did not get a perfect score.

I got this score:

56% (28 states out of 50)

JSWAC – I completely failed to identify the state where my brother and sister-in-law live. Talk about feeling dumb.

I also swapped the state where my grandmother lives with the state right next to it. Did I mention geography is not my forte?

A little while later, my co-worker made me review by having me take an online test that asked me to identify a given state using a blank map for reference, and gave me three tries to get it right.

I got this score:

90% (136/150)

(The scoring method: 3 points on 1st try, 2 points on 2nd, 1 point on 3rd try, 0 points if you don’t get the answer at all)


Meanwhile, my mom is teaching the United States song (or a [an?] United States song, because there are more than one) to her music class of elementary school-age kids. So, I really have no excuse.