Celebrate life (I’m going to be an auntie!)

by kattiewampus

Disclaimer #1: neither of my siblings or their respective spouses are expecting. The title was strategically chosen to catch your attention.

Disclaimer #2: this picture and the information revealed in this post are being shared with the express approval of my co-worker. So, don’t anyone start freakin’ out on me, mmkay?

My co-worker is expecting her second child! This is particularly exciting for me because when I started working here, said co-worker was still on maternity leave with her first child, to whom she had already given birth. So I didn’t get to be a part of the pregnancy excitement the first time around (not that it’s all about me, but since this is my blog…) This time, it’s been such a joy to be, in some very small way, involved in the process and anticipation of child #2. When my co-worker first showed me the picture of the positive pregnancy test on her phone as her way of telling me the news, it took a second to register what I was seeing. I hugged her. I got teary-eyed. It was so exciting. Having a baby is pretty high on my list of Most Terrifying Things Ever, but I’m all for other people having them!

This morning, my co-worker got to find out whether NK (“New Kid”) is a girl or a boy! She told us she would do the big reveal using pieces of foil-wrapped gum. If the gum inside was pink, it was a girl. If blue, a boy. If spearmint, it meant they couldn’t tell yet.

She came to the main office after the ultrasound to reveal the news. I was the last one to get over there, so my other co-workers were already chewing their gum. My co-worker handed me a piece of gum, insisting that I not smell it, because the scent would give away the answer. I unwrapped a piece of pink gum – they’re having a girl!

I’m so excited to meet the newest addition to their family, and can’t wait for her to make her grand debut in the fall!



Showing the ultrasound photos at lunch – so incredible!