Anything for old friends

by kattiewampus

Yesterday I went to San Francisco. I don’t normally venture out into The City because driving in SF scares me. But a friend from college was giving his master’s recital for his composition degree, and I wanted to support him. Plus, my mom said she would come with me. She provided the moral support I needed to navigate the streets of San Francisco, and we parked across the street from the Conservatory without incident.

photo 1-1

This is the outside of the San Francisco Conservatory. So unassuming!

The recital hall had this lovely modern vibe to it while also creating a very intimate atmosphere. You could sit in the back row and still feel like you were “up close” to the stage.

photo 2

The composer himself, saying a few words before the recital started.

The recital was phenomenal. This composer is very gifted and I look forward to seeing (and hearing) how he will use his abilities to create beautiful music in the future (Check out his music here!) The recital nourished my soul a little bit, if I can say that without sounding too silly. It reminded me just how much I love and miss the Conservatory experience. It fanned the flame of that grad school dream I’m always talking about. And it was just inspiring to see people I know, people I went to school with, doing incredible things. It made me want to find my own way of contributing to the music world.

Plus, it provided a much-needed reminder of the constancy of music in my life. Sometimes life can feel like a series of unpredictable changes, but sitting in a concert or recital hall and listening to an orchestra tune reminds me that there are some things that do not change. And that is comforting.

photo 3