Dancing through life in ballet flats

by kattiewampus

Well. I originally was going to upload some hilarious videos of my sister and brother-in-law doing lip trills, with general commentary from my parents in the background. It’s pretty epic. There are Muppets. BUT. I can’t figure out how to add videos into a post unless they are via YouTube, and somehow uploading those videos onto YouTube first feels more weird to me than sticking them in a blog post.

However, I would be remiss if I let today slip by without a post. So, instead, this post is about the awesome shoes that I scored at Target last week.


I know, not nearly as exciting as lip trills, but sometimes it’s the little things, people! In this case, I wasn’t even looking for shoes at Target. My mom was trying on shoes and I was putting a box of misfit shoes back on the shelf for her and wondering if Target carried their signature ballet flat shoes in the color red, when I saw this vision of loveliness:


Now, riddle me this: how often do you walk into the shoe section and see THE shoes that you are looking for in THE color you wanted in THE exact size you wear, on clearance for $4.26???

I know, right?!


The shoes basically quoted Back to the Future at me right in the middle of Target: “I’m your density. I mean, your destiny.”


And the rest is history. I love them. I can’t walk very far in them because I’m still breaking them in, and if I wear them too long, I get these raw spots at the base of my ankles. But they are worth it. Now I just need to find a yellow brick road…