A new development

by kattiewampus

Well, surprisingly enough, the topic of my gum disease made it to this blog before the other big news of this past week: I am officially a full-time student again!

I have returned to my community college alma mater to take some exploratory classes in early childhood education. This plan has actually been in the works since November, but I’ve been keeping it on the down-low because I wasn’t entirely sure how it would pan out. However, in the end, my workplace agreed to significantly reduce my hours so that I could take a full load of classes.

So, this semester I’m taking the following:

  • Child Growth & Development
  • Infant/Toddler Development & Care
  • Intro to Children with Special Needs
  • Children’s Ways of Thinking & Knowing
  • Creative Art Experiences & Development

Yes, the title of this post was intentional, if you’re paying attention.

What am I planning to do with this? As usual, I’m not sure. In the immediate short-term, my goal is just to get through the semester and see how this goes, and whether or not this is something I would be interested in continuing to study. In the slightly more extensive short-term, there are a few certificate tracks that appeal to me through my community college’s Child Studies program.

Ultimately, I could see myself doing something that combines music and education. Not so much being a music teacher in a classroom, but more focusing on developing a program within the non-profit sector that would promote music education in schools that cannot afford to have official music programs. It’s not a new idea – it’s definitely being done already, but I feel like that’s an area where there is always room for more participation.

I made it through my first week of classes and enjoyed being a student again. It’s a little challenging to be constantly switching gears between work mode and student mode, but I think I’ll eventually adjust to the new rhythm. It’s exciting to actually be doing something, finally, rather than just talking about doing something. I feel a little sheepish that I’m back at community college, rather than starting a grad program, but it seems like the right course for now, and hopefully grad school is still on the horizon somewhere down the road. In the meantime, this is what I’m doing for now, and we’ll see where it leads!