Talk communication to me, baby

by kattiewampus

“You and your partner are always communicating, even if you’re not talking. How productive that communication is becomes critical to being able to resolve differences guaranteed to arise in your [relationship]. How you disagree, when and whether consensus is reached, and the ability to manage your own emotions when conflict occurs, all influence how honest partners are and how effectively they communicate. Disagreements are inevitable, but fighting is always a choice. Differences in fighting style and conflict management, as well as the ability to deal with uncertainty, drive the timing of conversations and their overall productivity. Misunderstandings about intent, purpose, and level of conversations are additional sources of difficulty. Assuming what your partner is thinking or feeling adds another dimension to the ability for the two of you to clearly communicate.”

(Taken from The 5 Most Common Marital Problems by Lesli Doares)

This is good. Everyone should take this to heart since it can apply to all kinds of relationships, not just significant others. But you should especially take this to heart as you communicate with your significant other. Just think of the train wrecks you might be able to avoid, and the growth that might happen in your relationship! Don’t be ships passing in the night. And don’t be ships firing cannons at each other.